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Bob Prosen, Author


BUSINESS LEADERS NEED LESS TALK and more action! We must achieve excellent results faster, more consistently, less expensively, and without the hassles that make our jobs tedious. Whether in multinational corporations, midsize entrepreneurial businesses, or not-for-profit organizations, leaders and managers are asking, how can I get the results I need? And some dare to ask, how can I go beyond the results I need to achieve results that others think are impossible? I wrote Kiss Theory Good Bye: Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company to provide the answers that business leaders and managers need to consistently achieve and even exceed their objectives.

My goal is to give you the definitive “how-to” book on business execution. It is not a compilation of rules or the collected anecdotes of other business leaders. It is my first-person account of helping to lead major companies—and some midsize ones, too—to unprecedented bottom-line results.

The how-to nature of this volume is meant to supersede the best-selling business books that explore the process of execution. Those focus mainly on what to do, whereas this book provides step-by-step instructions along with easy-to-use tools for getting unprecedented, sustainable results. Leaders want proven answers to today’s business challenges. They prefer action to theory and value straightforward information that’s easy to understand. Their most precious resource is time, so I condensed what matters most into actions that, when implemented, produce immediate performance improvement.

Here’s how I’ve accumulated this information and proven advice. For twenty-five years I helped lead companies out of the status quo and into sustained profitability. These companies included Hitachi, Sprint, NCR, Sabre, AT&T, and a number of midsize companies. During that time I discovered five attributes that transform ordinary performance into extraordinary achievement.

I have analyzed the attributes that unequivocally enable an organization to consistently achieve its objectives, defined the roadblocks to building an extraordinary and profitable organization, and documented the time-tested tools and techniques I used to help management teams achieve and exceed their objectives. Many companies I’ve worked with are household names, while others are start-ups or privately held firms with low profiles. Almost all of these companies, regardless of size or industry, suffered from a lack of accountability. Objectives and commitments were not achieved month after month. Yet there were few consequences. Often personnel simply rationalized inferior performance, and the individual who offered the best rationalization won.

This book shows you what happens when leaders take action by asking tough questions, communicating their goals from top to bottom, establishing an accountability-based culture, and understanding that leadership and effective management are holistic endeavors. Every attribute of organizational success is inextricably linked to others.

My goal for sharing my knowledge and experiences is to give you the answers you need to immediately overcome barriers to success and enable your enterprise to achieve its full potential. Leaders want their ideas and initiatives consistently carried out without hassle and rework. They want accountability, and value results over theory. I wrote Kiss Theory Good Bye with two principles in mind. First, theory would be replaced with proven tools, tactics, and answers that get results. Second, all of the information must be relevant and directly applicable to today’s business challenges without the need for translation.

Theory is abstract thought or contemplation that is vital because it enables speculation and testing new ideas, which become facts when proven. Theory helps us identify and solve the unknown and brings us a step closer to the future. In business, however, when it comes to execution, leaders want action and results, not theory or philosophy.

Most business leaders know what they want to accomplish and generally set clear goals and objectives. The critical missing piece is a way to quickly and consistently convert these goals and objectives into actions that produce tangible operational and financial success. Kiss Theory Good Bye provides the missing ingredients by revealing proven tools and actions that, when properly applied, enable organizations to cut to the chase and get what they want most—extraordinary results!

Kiss Theory Good Bye: Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company was written for business leaders, managers, supervisors, board members, and employees who know there is a better way to do business. They intrinsically know the timetested techniques that have produced the best results; they have the courage to readopt these techniques and implement new ones; and they have the vision to see that business as usual must change. This book reveals proven techniques to gain the extra edge over competition and execute with speed, efficiency, and maximum effectiveness.

Until now this information has only been available piecemeal, leaving you to find, assemble, and translate it to fit your business.

You might have gathered some of it through mentors, by trial and error, or by surviving the “school of hard knocks.” But by the time you finish reading Kiss Theory Good Bye, you will have the answers you need to immediately begin improving results throughout your entire organization. And you will find that this book will remain a useful resource for quick, proven answers to resolve your most pressing business challenges.