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Bob Prosen, Author


Why You and Your Organization Need This Book

What are your top three objectives and how do you know you’re achieving them? This may seem like a simple question, but I usually get vague generalities when leaders respond to it. Too many of them can’t see the reality of their business situation because they don’t even know where to start looking. They don’t have a clear map to guide them to the best outcome: maximum profitability and exceptional operating results. To accomplish these goals, they need increased market share, improved earnings, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty, along with greater operating efficiency.

Are your top three objectives quantifiable, concisely stated, and at your fingertips, so that you always know precisely how your organization is performing? Every year companies and not-for-profit organizations across the United States and around the world allocate significant resources to the development of well thought-out plans and strategies. These documents are testaments to business acumen, cogent thinking, realistic projections, and talented management.

So why are these planned objectives so conspicuously absent in most quarterly results and bottom-line profits? You can find the answer in the glaring gap between vision and reality, between mapping the journey and arriving at the destination. Too many companies and organizations are stuck in the status quo and lack the execution tools and tactics required to convert plans into results.

Over the twenty-five years I spent helping companies achieve their financial and operating objectives, I noticed a lack of practical information to help business leaders execute their plans. Certainly there’s a tremendous amount of information in the market on what other companies have accomplished. Yet what leaders really want are straightforward answers they can use immediately, without any translation, to boost their organization’s performance.

Begin by answering these eleven important questions:

1. Does your company spend too much time planning and too little time executing those plans?
2. Are you concerned about attracting and retaining top talent?
3. Do you want to increase accountability throughout your organization?
4. Are you frustrated because too many decisions end up on your desk?
5. Do you spend too much time following up to ensure things get done?
6. Are you concerned about consistently meeting your operational and financial commitments?
7. Do you wonder whether …