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Bob Prosen, Author

Chapter 11

Maintain the Gain

Remain on course.

Whether you’re already in the winner’s circle, on your way to profitability, or still struggling along the way, this chapter unites everything we’ve covered into a powerful model for sustaining and accelerating high-performance results and profitability.

At one time or another every company gets off track. When this happens to successful companies, however, they recognize the problems and get back on track quickly. There are 13 common reasons a company is pulled away from its mission:

1. The company grew too fast and couldn’t keep up with all the change.
2. With success, leaders became removed from daily operations without ensuring adequate talent and controls were in place.
3. Key leaders have changed without sufficient bench strength behind them.
4. The company has gone through a major change, such as a merger, acquisition, or a significant reduction in force.
5. People are in the wrong positions. Either they don’t have the right qualifications, or they’ve been given something to do that they aren’t capable of doing.
6. Priorities have changed without the appropriate review and approval process.
7. The organization is confused because there is a lack...

The single most important thing a leader can do to get the company back on track is to institutionalize success is to reestablish the organization’s top priorities, put the right people in the right jobs, with clear objectives and measurements to track performance.

Now let’s break this line of thinking down according to The Five Attributes of Highly Profitable Companies.

Superior Leadership

A superior leader must avoid a number of pitfalls to institutionalize the success of a company. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that your leadership skills are up to the task and tuned for continuous high-performance profitability.

1. Does the Company Have the Right…